Become a volunteer

There's nothing more fulfilling than donating your time to help others. Join the Lamin & Kadie Bah Foundation's volunteer team and help where it's needed most. If you feel we share the same values, please fill out the form below to become a volunteer.

1. Tell Us About Yourself​

Begin the process by filling out the contact form and submitting information about yourself. We'll get in touch with you and request additional information if necessary. Once all paperwork is verified, we begin to review mission options.

2. Review Mission Options

We discuss the current and upcoming projects we're working on and review options based on your availability. Once dates and mission details are confirmed, we plan the travel process.

3. Travel, Food, & Accomodations

Travel expenses are the sole responsibility of the volunteer. We provide a place to stay, as well as 3 meals per day with a donation. The donation amount varies by length of stay & location. Most of our work is currently done in Sierra Leone & Guinea.