Women’s Entrepreneur Financing Program

“Unity will always make a huge difference in every community.”

-Lamin Bah

On January 15, 2022, the Lamin & Kadie Bah Foundation disbursed $10,000 USD in the form of an interest free loan to 24 women from the Aberdeen Women Association in Juba Hill, Freetown. The 6 month program will provide business and mentorship training, so the women can be well equipped to create businesses and invest in their own future.

Many of these hard working women live in vulnerable communities and often have to seek loans with high interest rates. Lamin Bah, chief executive officer of the LKBF, expressed his gratitude over the Aberdeen women and their entrepreneurial spirit. He urged the women to change their mindset and focus on creating businesses. 

“Love yourself, and go out there and show us what you can do, not only for the money, but for the togetherness that you’ve started to show”, says Lamin Bah. 

Kadie Bah, the Global President for the LKBF, welcomed the Aberdeen women into the first step of the project and remained confident in the Aberdeen women as they go on their entrepreneurial journey. Kadie and Lamin emphasized that the foundation is here to stay, and if the program proves successful, the foundation plans to expand the program to other countries in Africa. It is the beginning of a joyful and fruitful relationship between the foundation and the women in the Aberdeen community, as well as the women of Sierra Leone as a whole.

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